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HR Admin & Recruiting Specialist

Alexi graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor in Science in Care, Healthy and Society and a minor in Public Health. Although her main passion was health, she discovered greater talent in recruiting.


In her past professions, she has recruited anyone from medical professionals to sales associates, placing them from temporary to permanent positions. Her passion stemmed from her ability to identify the best talent for career-oriented positions in whatever market she’s in while also receiving the satisfaction of helping corporate partners grow by filing critical organizational needs in their company. Through this experience, she was able to familiarize herself with human resources and the onboarding flow of qualified candidates which also enhanced her organizational skills and mastering multiple programs.


In Lexi’s spare time she is a travel junkie! She lives by the quote, “continue to see the world and learn about it’s people but wherever you visit, leave it more beautiful than you find it. With her true passion for people, she expanded her love for people and travel and became a flight attendant for a few years which satisfied her niche for travel and flying airplanes while continuing to recruit in the airlines as well as multiple aviation clubs she's involved in where she mentors and recruits other female pilots with aspiring goals. She then decided she wanted to develop her career more and move to the other side of the door and transition from flight attendant to pilot. Leaving her job as a flight attendant to support her commercial pilot dreams not only brought her back to the recruiting and human resources world but also re-sparked that passion!

Alexis Portea bio headshot for Talent to Team Fractional HR
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