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Our Pricing Model

One person can't do all the functions of HR.

We specialize in Fractional HR services to provide remote-first and hybrid companies the perfect level of support so they can build the workforces of tomorrow, today.

Fractional HR gives you the best of both= 
operations + strategy

Venn diagram showing Talent to Team is HR strategy and HR admin

Instead of hiring one person to fill your HR needs, Talent to Team provides a suite of experienced HR professionals who give a fraction of their time, knowledge and skills to support you.  

The world of work is undergoing a massive transformation. Hiring a full-time HR person or in-house team doesn't make sense for many businesses.

Fractional encompasses the ideas of:

  • part-time

  • interim

  • outsourced

  • and contract 

Fractional HR is the best of both worlds. You receive a strong People Strategy, Employee Experience, and a set of modern HR practices to stay competitive AND our team of HR professionals gets to provide their specific expertise for the right amount of time to you.


 We believe in only delivering what you need.


We work with each client to create a custom, flexible plan to meet your budget and unique business needs. That means that as your business evolves, we adapt too. You only pay us by the hour! 

During our initial call, we'll get a better sense of the size of your company, your current circumstance and your people strategy, and then send you a proposal tailored to your requests.


We help you build your foundation or scale to your next stage while functioning as your People Ops team until you are ready to exit, or bring your people team full time, in-house.

Our client journey is simple: we start with a free discovery consultation to scope your needs starting from HR Compliance to People Strategy.


Next, we propose a plan forward based on your needs. Our typical client relationships are centered around a general need or milestone like building your HR department from scratch, optimizing an existing one, or designing and implementing a multi-year talent strategy aligned with business goals. Some of our clients come to us because something is breaking. Some of our clients come to us before anything can break.


We meet you where you are and work with you to build a sustainable and thriving People program. We take you to the finish line, whether that is helping you develop your in-house HR team person by person or preparing you for sale to a larger company as your entire HR team.

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  • You are a "been there/done that" founder who knows how critical the people experience is to your business

  • You value experience and want true People Partnership

  • You are a team from 2-200 and scaling fast and you need a trusted & experienced partner



  • You don’t believe people are integral to scaling your company

  • You wish HR never existed/see it as a cost center or are hoping to just outsource it to someone else

  • You really just want some templates . The value we bring is in the people, not the templates.

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