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People Ops Manager

Laney's professional journey in People Ops has been dynamic, transitioning from specialized roles in Training & Development to leading HR teams with directorial responsibilities.


Her expertise spans across all 50 states and Canada, encompassing visa processes for J1 students, H2Bs, TNs, and more. She has also extensively collaborated with international PEOs to onboard team members across the globe, from Costa Rica to India and Israel.


Laney has worked across various industries including hospitality, technology, and real estate. She is passionate about enhancing the employee experience and streamlining processes. Certified by SHRM, Laney merges professionalism with a holistic approach, fostering environments where company goals and individual well-being coexist harmoniously.


When Laney isn't immersed in the latest compliance updates, you'll find her pitching a tent in the mountains or embarking on adventures to explore new places.

Laney Woolf Talent To Team.jpeg
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