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How is Talent to Team different from other HR consulting services?

As a fractional HR services provider, we get asked all the time:

What makes you different than other HR consultants or outsourced HR companies?

If your company is looking for a People/HR professional to be part of the team but is not ready to make the commitment for a full-time team member, that's where we step in. We are part of your team - just on an hourly, fractional basis!

Questions Our Clients Are Grappling With Before They Hire Us

  • How do we choose what kind of HR/People service we will use?

  • Do we even need an HR/People service?

  • We have a PEO that provides an HR consultant - isn't that enough?

Ultimately, our clients chose us because we aren't your everyday fractional or consulting company.

We are YOUR People team.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that if you hire an in-house HR/People manager/director/generalist (either part-time or full-time), you can expect us to provide the same type of service they would.

When you hire Talent to Team, we provide your company with a designated People Ops Manager and/or VP of People, depending on your People needs. We don't have a general number that you call when you need HR help, and whoever is available answers.

No! You have a designated member or members of our team that becomes YOUR team.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets Talent to Team apart first and foremost is that we care deeply about our clients and their success.

1. We become as ingrained in your team as you want us to become

We have clients' employees who forget we are employed by Talent to Team - they just know us as that company's People person.

We have company-specific email addresses and/or access to internal Slack channels. Employees can contact us the same way they would contact anyone else on their team. We become part of your team and as accessible to employees as you'd like.

2. We care that your business is successful and that your employees have the necessary resources

We recently had a new client sign on that was using a different fractional HR company but came to us because they weren't getting the response or the investment from that company that they wanted. The CEO said, "It could be weeks before we would hear back." This blew our minds! Weeks?!

Yes, we are fractional, meaning we may not be available 24/7, but we care! Caring means responding within 2-4 hours during business hours, open communication, and completing any work in the timeframes discussed. We CARE to ensure your company has the answers and resources they need in a timely manner. I guess it is no surprise ‘Care’ is one of our company values!

3. We are invested in your company's success

Investment, (not just monetary investment though it means that too), means we are invested in your company's success.

We take a PROACTIVE approach. Sure, a PEO may provide an HR consultant, but that means you have to reach out to them with what you need. What if you don't know what you need? You hire an HR professional because, most likely, you aren't one. You don't know what you don't know. Well, we know!

We dive into your systems, processes, and resources to make recommendations that protect your business but also to help it and your employees thrive.

4. You get a full team of HR professionals

You don't just have one or two of our employees supporting your team - you have the entire Talent to Team team supporting you!

If there is something that your Talent to Team contact doesn't know, they have a whole team behind them to support them. We all constantly reach out to each other with questions and/or recommendations to ensure that we provide the best service and experience for every client.


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