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Jimena Zubiria named Partner at Talent to Team

I didn’t set out looking for a business partner. I knew that finding that person to grow a company with could be just as challenging as finding a life partner. If I meet that person, I’ll know it.

Jimena profile photo with announcement text
Jimena Zubiria announcement as partner at Talent to Team

I’m so pleased to share that Jimena is now my partner at Talent to Team!

When I met Jimena a little over a year ago, I had no idea how much she would mean to me, or to our team. I did not understand what peace and comfort a partner could bring. I did not know that she would challenge me in all of the best ways and bring out the best in me and the rest of the team. I had no idea how much weight I was carrying until she took some off my shoulders, and I didn’t know that she would raise the bar for every relationship I have.

Jimena is brilliant, kind, funny, thoughtful, and most of all, she's my Partner.

Congratulations on this triumph, and thank you for choosing me and T2T.


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