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The Best and Easiest HR End of Year Checklist to Use

The end of the year is crazy enough with holiday “to do’s” and looking forward to time off, but in HR, it’s one of the busiest times of year.

end of year checklist for HR. talent to team

You might be wondering, “What does HR do at the end of the year?” Well, a whole heck of a lot of important stuff. From compliance to policy audits to documentation to checking benefits, it’s a critical time of year.

We created a straightforward and comprehensive checklist for you to minimize the guesswork and maximize your effectiveness, plus keep your sanity. To be set up for success, every HR team should have a checklist that reminds them of what not to miss.


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Our HR checklist contains these key categories:

  • Communication

  • Reports

  • Payroll

  • Compliance

  • 401k

  • Employee Handbook

  • Employee Engagement Budget

  • Training & Development

  • …and more

What about end of year HR strategy items?

Importantly, aside from all the compliance and paperwork reminders (which get the bulk of attention), it’s also an important time of year to be strategic. There is “end of year strategy” to remember to focus on too.

End of year HR strategy entails things like:

  • How are people feeling?

  • What are you noticing in your company culture?

  • How’s engagement?

  • How are you performing against those culture goals you set in Q1 of that year (or maybe in Q2)?

  • Do you still have the right compensation philosophy for your team, or is it time to update it in the new year?

Don’t Forget to Reflect on the Year

While you reflect on the year, and wind down, it’s great to use this HR checklist as a way to “check the boxes” as well as a way to remember to reflect on how things have been operating all year.

Sit down and type up your personal thoughts on how well HR and your people strategy is aligned to the overall business goals and fluctuations over the past twelve months. What kind of report or suggestions could you share with leadership or the executive team to help them understand how HR and the people strategy are performing? This is another level beyond the checklist, but it should be a checklist item.

There are so many conversations to have as you wrap up the year, and make sure HR is one of the priorities. The health of your company will thank you.


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