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Sarabeth Berk, new Chief of Staff, is more than her job title

Sarabeth Berk headshot Chief of Staff Talent to Team
Sarabeth Berk, Chief of Staff Talent to Team

I am more than my job title, and once again, I’m proving it to myself with this extra exciting news! I’ve joined Talent to Team as their new Chief of Staff. You might be asking yourself, “How does that fit into Sarabeth’s “career”?

These days, I’m following my big C Career instead of my little c (a core concept of my next book…) As an author, researcher and a Creative Disruptor, my Career is based on a constellation of experiences that are aligned to my values in my work life.

I don’t believe in “career paths” anymore because they're a harsh master full of “shoulds”!

Instead, I’m striving for “career belonging," which is about:

  • feeling seen, known, and valued,

  • being accepted instead of fitting in,

  • pursuing opportunities that allow you to be your truest you at work

  • and building an oeuvre- a body of work across your lifespan.

Here are three reasons why I’m stoked to be part of the Talent To Team team:


For now, I’m supporting T2T in a fractional capacity, which is a win/win for me and them. Plus, they’re ALL about fractional HR services for startups and SMBs.

In a recent blog about the fractional workforce, they state: “the benefits of hiring a fractional are the flexibility it offers in terms of time commitment and the ability to access talented leaders at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, working with fractionals does not require businesses to make significant investments in infrastructure or resources—the professional provides all necessary tools and resources themselves.


What happens when you put a professional identity researcher (me) inside of a fractional HR services company focused on providing new models of HR designed for the #futureofwork?

A whole heck of a lot of exciting ideas, insights, and learnings are exchanged on both sides.

This is such a dream to be immersed in a team who lives and breathes HR trends and topics daily. I can’t wait to see how my research and thought leadership evolve to better serve the HR side of professional identity development and career growth needs.


When I first met Amy Giggey and learned about what T2T is doing, I had one of those lightbulb moments- THIS is a new frontier.

I’ve heard of many companies using fractional CFOs and CTO’s and other part-time or gig workers, but the HR and people ops functions never occurred to me as something that could also be managed in a fractional capacity.

Not only is there an incredible need (which T2T is seeing by the amount of market demand for their services) but the way they consult and guide companies stretches their clients in terms of how they think about teams, hiring, compensation, hybrid work, and so many other details that are core to talent management.

T2T isn’t plug and play, they customize and push their clients to think differently about how they can do talent in a better way than what’s traditionally been done.

I’m super pumped and inspired to be working alongside and inside this incredible company!


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