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Why Amy Giggey is a leader in the new field of Fractional HR

In today's rapidly changing workplace, traditional models of employment are no longer the only option available for job seekers. One emerging trend is fractional HR services, which involves top talent (often the most talented) professionals working hourly, part-time or interim for clients.

Amy Giggey is one such fractional HR professional who has successfully navigated this new landscape and founded her own business called Talent to Team.

Amy Giggey has over 15 years of experience in HR and has worked with a variety of companies across different industries. Her expertise lies in recruiting, employee relations, performance management, and organizational development.

In 2019, Amy decided to leave her full-time job to start Talent to Team, which is a fractional HR services business. She saw an opportunity to provide high-quality HR to small and medium-sized businesses that could not afford a full-time HR professional.

Benefits of Fractional HR Over Traditional Models

Amy quickly realized that fractional HR work offered several benefits over traditional employment models.

For one, it provided her with greater flexibility and autonomy over her work. She was able to choose her own clients, set her own hours, and work from home. This allowed her to better balance her work and personal life, something that was important to her as a mother of two young children.

Another benefit of fractional HR work is that it allows professionals to build a diverse portfolio of clients. Amy works with a variety of companies from tech startups to healthcare providers. This gives her exposure to different HR challenges and allows her to develop a wide range of skills. It also gives her a sense of fulfillment as she is able to work with businesses that align with her values and beliefs.

Biggest Challenges of Fractional HR

One of the biggest challenges of fractional HR is flexibility and maintaining a highly customizable set of services. Every month, client's needs shift, and her team has to be ready to adapt.

The second challenge is keeping up with supply and demand. Amy has to ensure she meets her clients' needs as well as has enough high quality HR professionals ready to take on more client work. Amy has three tiers of staff ready to work with clients including VPs, People Ops Managers, and HR Admins.

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