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Why Fractional HR Talent is Beneficial to the New World of Work

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The world of work has forever changed and will keep changing. The way businesses used to do business before the pandemic is over. We formed Talent to Team in response to the new needs we saw from leaders and CEOs- a need to be more responsive, flexible, and better able to tap into top talent without breaking their budget on a full-time hire.

At Talent to Team, we are a group of talented HR professionals who believe we are stronger together. (If we didn't, we'd be working as independent consultants for ourselves, right?). Fractional work has been an asset for CFO's and other C-suite roles for awhile, so it makes sense for fractional HR to be part of that mix.

If many hands makes light work, then many VPs of People, Heads of People Ops and Chief Human Resource Officers under one agency makes one heck of a sharp toolbox for a business leader to tap into and get the most bang for their buck.

By bringing other fractional HR professionals together, we're able to deliver MORE to our clients. Our clients get to tap into a group of experts (not just one consultant) because we share knowledge, lean on each other's expertise, and provide the right level of HR professional for any client situation-- and when their situation changes, we can change the staff support we provide them.

Here are our top reasons why fractional HR is a more beneficial model for businesses who want enhanced agility, flexibility, and efficiency in how they do work.

Fractional HR Provides Access to A Range of HR Expertise

Fractional HR talent allows businesses to have a range of niche, specialized, and custom HR support that may not be available within one full-time HR person or even through a temp or outsourced HR agency. Fresh perspective, innovative ideas, deep knowledge, and diverse expertise from fractional talent brings the best of the best HR strategy to a company. This means we can tackle a number of challenges instead of reaching our limits like a traditional hire might.

Fractional HR is More Flexible and Scalable

Fractional HR is its inherently more flexibility. You can engage with us as-needed, and our clients frequently adjust their involvement based on projects and new demands. We can do short-term work, specific projects, or even ongoing support, and we like to act as part of your team, not as a consultant. This ensures you have the right resources at the right time, and unburdens businesses from long-term commitments or unnecessary overhead costs.

Do The Math: Fractional HR Can Be More Cost-Effective

How much does it cost to hire someone full-time to do your HR? And, can that person even do all of the HR needs you think you need? Fractional HR can be hourly or project-based (we price hourly at Talent to Team). That means you only pay for what you need, there's no risk of a long-term commitment, and you know you're getting top tier talent at a fraction of the price if you were to hire them full-time.

Fractional HR Increases Your Best Practices

Fractional HR brings a range of lessons and experiences from other companies. They can share that knowledge with you, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Competitive Advantage To Retain Your Top Talent

The wealth of perspective that fractional HR brings means they can see ways to create a unique talent strategy or people ops strategy that will make your culture thrive and be one-of-a-kind. Don't you want to be one of the "best companies to work for?" As companies are facing talent wars, the great resignation, and quiet quitting having a culture that respects and humanizes talent is crucial. People want to stay with companies who are thinking differently about how they hire, train, and manage staff. Fractional HR can help you create new or better policies and practices because they've seen what's working and what's not.


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