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Chief of Staff

Sarabeth Berk calls herself a Creative Disruptor because she brings innovative strategies to Talent To Team to help them connect processes and people in positive ways. At Talent To Team, Sarabeth uses all her gifts to take the team to new heights, streamline systems, prioritize key strategies, and allow everyone to thrive while growing.


Her background is a combination of being an ecosystem builder for startup communities, leading innovation initiatives at scale, developing training and learning programs for all ages, and being the founding director of social impact projects in higher education and statewide organizations.


Sarabeth has her PhD in Curriculum & Instruction, and a Masters from Rhode Island School of Design. Sarabeth started her career teaching art and design education before realizing she wanted to transform systems and challenge the status quo. Working alongside entrepreneurs had a profound effect on shifting her attitude and mindset towards taking action, starting with empathy, and asking questions that get to the root cause.


In 2020, Sarabeth published her first book, More Than My Title, and launched a side business as a professional identity researcher and thought leader. Today, Sarabeth is obsessed with redefining what a “modern career” means and helping people see who they truly are in their work.

Sarabeth Berk Bio Photo Talent to Team
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